A Raucous Reflection 


This past tour marked an historic moment for Raucous Rossini. Founded five years ago the company set out to complete Rossini’s five one act operas that he wrote for the Teatro San Moise in Venice. The company also hoped to support young singers and musicians through their transition from student to professional, undergraduate to masters, from recitative haters to lovers of a quick turn of Italian idiom. On all fronts, except perhaps the last, it has been an astounding success, a journey well beyond any of our dreams when we first sat down in Weatherspoon’s on George Square in Glasgow all those years ago.

In fact a few statistics seem worthy of thought for a moment. When this tour comes to a close we will have done 41 performances of Rossini’s operas and 9 orchestral concerts, we will have taken a total of 125 return flights and by my estimations eaten at least 900 bowls of pasta. Staggeringly over the five years Raucous Rossini’s tours will have cost just under £100,000. That is an awful lot of fundraising and selling of tickets! 

There are a few people to whom we must pay special thanks, especially as, I am sorry to say, this was Raucous Rossini’s final outing. Dr Simon Groves gave us our first ever donation, support that transformed our ambitions 5 years ago. He has loyally supported us ever since. My mother, Dr Sarah Fane, has had nearly 30 of us to stay at home 5 years in a row, and we’ve caused quite a bit of damage and eaten a lot of food, to make no mention of the beer drunk. Our supporters in Italy have also been tremendous and key support from Juliet and Alastair Chilston, Stephanie Schwetz and Tad Connerton, Primrose and David Bell, Frances and Christopher Kembell, Judy and Terry Mowschenson and many others have been instrumental, and let’s not forget Emanuela Luchini! Extra special mention must go to Mrs Ailene Hunter without whom this adventure, and perhaps many others, would have stopped many years ago. Her instrumental and overwhelmingly generous support of our work has been an inspiration to us all. 

Finally I must thank my amazing musicians. Many members of the cast and orchestra have performed with us loyally over the years and given me an incredible amount of support and inspiration for which I am forever grateful. There are indeed 9 individuals who will have performed on every single tour, I suppose I make up the round 10. 

Now we must bid our wonderful audience goodbye, to say thank you for all your support, and hope that you continue to support wonderful music wherever you find it. I will be turning my full attention to the New Generation Festival in Florence, my work at Westbourne Music in Glasgow, and many other mad projects to come. I hope to see you all along the way. 

© 2018 Raucous Rossini Limited