La Scala di Seta...

UK Opera Performances

Merchants Hall, Glasgow, June 29th & July 3rd

Rosslyn Chapel, July 2nd

Aldworth, St Mary's Church, July 5th

Italy Opera Performances

Montone, Piazza Fortebraccio - July 9th

Cortona, Teatro Signorelli - July 10th

Orchestral Performances

Paisley Abbey - 30th June

La Rocca di Pierle - July7th


Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante for Winds, 

Soloists Ross Montgomery (clarinet), Clara Lafuente Garcia (oboe), Rupert Browne (French Horn), Gillian Horn (Bassoon). Barber Adagio For Strings, Sibelius Andante Festivo, Handel Arrival of the Queen of Sheba. 


L'occasione fa il ladro... 

UK Opera Performances

Glasgow Cathedral Festival, October 12th

Kippen Parish Church, August 14th


L'occasione fa il ladro... 

UK Opera Performances

CCA Saramago, Glasgow, August 2nd & 3rd

Aberdeen International Youth Festival, August 5th

Bradfield College Greek Theatre, Berkshire, August 7th

Italy Opera Performances

Teatro dei Riuniti, Umbertide, August 9th

Teatro Signorelli, Cortona, August 12th

Italy Orchestral Performances

excerpts from the L'occasione and arias from other operas

Castel Rigone, August 10th

Il Signor Bruschino...

and Mozart Clarinet Concerto 


UK Opera Performances

Paisley Abbey, Scotland, July 13th

Hill of Tarvit, Fife, Scotland, July 14th

Kippen Parish Church, Scotland, July 16th

St Michael and All Saints, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 17th 

CCA Saramago, Glasgow, Scotland, July 19th

Longhope, Newton Valence, Hampshire, England, July 21st (invitation only)

UK Orchestral Concerts

Westbourne Music, Merchant's House, June 15th

CCA Saramago, July 10th

Hill of Tarvit, matinee July 14th

Longhope, matinee July 21st 


Italy Opera Performances 

Teatro dei Riuniti, Umbertide, July 23rd

Castello Sonnino, Montespertoli, July 26th

Teatro Signorelli, Cortona, July 28th

Castello di Reschio, Lisciano Niccone, July 29th

Italy Orchestral Concerts

Citerna, main piazza, July 24th 


The Raucous Rossini orchestra is predominantly made up of students and graduates from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Many of our orchestral members return yearly to play.





Cillian O'Breachain

Scott Lowry 

Eddy Betancourt

Emma Pantel

Ben Kearsley

Sarah Buettner


Kevin Kirs Verstege

Victor Nekludov


Giovanni Mormina

Clara Lafuente Garcia

Anna Seaton

Dakota Martin

Ross  Montgomery

Lewis Anderson

Rupert Browne

Ben Garalnick 

Gillian Horn






L'inganno felice...


UK Opera Performances

CCA, Glasgow, Scotland, July 15th

Kippen Parish Church, Scotland, July 17th 

Englefield Long Gallery, England, July 19th


Italy Opera Performances

Teatro dei Riuniti, Umbertine, July 21st

UNESCO Basilica San Salvatore, Spoleto, July 23rd

Piazza Fortebraccio, Montone, July 24th



La cambiale di matrimonio... 


Opera Performances

Long Gallery, England, September 13th

Private Venue, Umbria, Italy, September 16th

Teatro del Sale, Florence, Italy, September 17th

Castello Sonnino, Montespertoli, Italy, September 19th


Cambiale Returns: 2015

La cambiale di matrimonio was later put together with orchestra for a performance at Westbourne Music, Merchants House, Glasgow, in February 2015.

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