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La Scala di Seta



L'occasione fa il ladro 


"...a most enjoyable performance...delightful evening... The band...fizzed and sparkled in true Rossinian style."

"All five singers seemed completely at ease with the witty, fast-moving Italian text."

"The entire event projected a sense of infectious enjoyment from the performers..."

Opera Scotland

"...perfect for Raucous Rossini, who were terrific..."

"I remember...Renée de Saussine describing early Rossini operas as 'humming with life like a beehive on a sunny day'. Raucous Rossini caught that hum."

Richard Osborne, The Oldie

"...a fast-paced and seamless production...the vocal performances are beautiful and engaging."

"[L'inganno felice] is a pleasure to watch; a brilliantly accessible introduction to opera."

The Outlier

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